• Install new kitchen faucets: $75 each (labor only, you supply the faucet).  If you have an RO system this may by slightly more (different parts are required to integrate the supply lines).
  • Install new bath faucets $50 each  (labor only, you supply the faucet!)
  • Electric water heater installation:  $100 labor only.  We cannot install gas heaters (sorry)
  • Replace toilets: $75 each (labor only).  Includes caulking but any necessary parts may be extra (shutoff valves, water lines, etc.)
  • Replace garbage disposals (typically $75 labor only)
  • Run water line outside (quote only, as this will vary significantly by distance to existing water, etc.)

We do not perform drain cleaning, etc.

We do not take troubleshooting or leak-detection work or repairs on houses.  We do, however, fix outdoor PVC lines.