We can do it all, from troubleshooting circuits to adding a subpanel; replacing lights, installing fans, adding circuits or just outlets.  As a former commercial electrician, you know all of your electrical needs will be met with experience and will fully comply with all applicable code and standards.

Below is a list of sample electrical work we can do for you:

  • Replace ceiling fans: $60 each (labor only), Chandeliers ($50), and wall mounted lights ($20).
  • Convert single outlets to double $20 each ( labor and materials)
  • Install recessed lights $65 each (labor and materials), or $35 each if you provide the housing, trim kit and bulb (we provide the wire, connectors, and labor).
  • New switch (where none exists now), converting to 3-way (can be turned on and off from 2 locations), etc. will add to the cost of can lights.  The above prices assume there is a switched light in the ceiling already, and we replace that with a series of can lights.
  • Convert existing recessed lights to LED $20 each (labor and materials)
  • Install dimmer switches $35 with basic dimmer (labor and materials)
  • Change switches and/or outlets to square "rocker": $10 each (labor and materials)
  • Upgrade to GFI outlets where desired $30 each (labor and materials)
  • Other electrical work done by quote or hourly only:
    -Circuit troubleshooting
    -Install subpanels
    -Add outlets to existing circuits
    -New circuits
    -Switch fan and fan-light separately
    -Under Cabinet Lighting
    -Run power to outbuildings/sheds/spas
    -Upgrade breakers to arc-fault, ground-fault, or dual