Light construction and carpentry indoors or out!  Handyman exemptions are limited to a total of $1,000. labor and materials, though, so many of these things will have "small job" limitations.

  • General "To-Do" lists.  We bill by the hour ($45/hour) and will give you an idea of how long we expect it to take.  Please let us know what's on the list, though, so we can assure we load the truck with the right specialty tools, if needed.
  • Assemble or build sheds  (by quote only)
  • Add, remove, or move closets  (by quote only)
  • Drywall install and repair, including texture (orange peel, knockdown, etc.)  (by quote only)

Light carpentry spans a wide variety of chores.  Let us know what's on your mind and we'll tell you if we can help!